We are a small business making quality Poopstools from our workshop near Athens, Greece

We made our 1st poopstool

In early 2014, when we first learned about the concept of Proper Pooping Posture, we started experimenting with different designs that could transform a regular toilet into a squatting one. Even the first attempt, which had a vague resemblance to what it looks like now, was enough to realize that this concept ACTUALLY WORKS! At that time, US company squatty potty was hitting the market with their product, receiving great reviews by health bloggers, naturopath forums, and all kinds of forward thinking media outlets. Based on this positive response, our close friends at T//F//L started encouraging us to make something that serves the same function for the Greek community. And so we did! Experimenting with materials and designs, we released the Original Poopstool on a small scale for the local community. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, further supporting the argument that THIS ACTUALLY WORKS! Needless to say, we decided to pursue this full-time so that we can be able to supply the growing demand and further the reach of our Poopstool. We have upgraded our workshop, our designs, our website, our services, and pretty much everything about us. In a continuous effort to better our services, we are also on a mission to “convert” as many pooping humans as possible to a healthier, more satisfactory toilet ritual.

What if ?

I could poop naturally without altering my home


best of both worlds

You know that feeling, u approach the bathroom u feel it’s time to go but there’s only rumbling and no action well all one has to do is place their feet on the magical poopstool and hey presto! And afterwards you get that really nice complete feeling and a beautifully flat belly!!

Plus I’ve been wanting to get a Turkish toilet in my house for ages but was thinking that maybe my family or guests would not be feeling the same enthusiasm…well bring on the poopstool and you have the best of both worlds and to tell you the truth it’s rather pretty!!

Despina Lygnos - Theta Healer

friend for life!

I can honestly say my intestine is infinitely grateful to the poopstool! No more squatting on top of the toilet to get my spine in the correct position. I’ve only used it twice so far and they’ve been the best and most satisfying poops of my life. It also tucks away neatly close to the toilet so it doesn’t take up space. No turning back now.. poopstool you will be my friend for life! 

Elly Lygnos - Raw food cook