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How do I use it?

Your Poopstool should be stored under your toilet seat… Take a seat, pull the Poopstool out from under your toilet and adjust it to a comfortable distance for your feet to rest on the footrests. You can also bend forward, by adjusting your upper body, to further simulate a natural squatting position.

How do i get the best results?

The best results are achieved by relaxing in a posture closely resembling a natural squat. It becomes easier and you become better at it over time as your body adjusts to the your new Proper Pooping Posture.

Will it work with my toilet?

The Poopstool works perfectly with any standard and comfort height toilets.

How do i assemble my Poopstool?

You will receive a detailed assembly instruction sheet with your new Poopstool. If for any reason it is misplaced or damaged, press HERE to view the instructions.

How often should I use my PoopStool?

You can use the Poopstool every single time you go to the toilet (even for “n.1”). The more you use it the better it is for you.

Where can I buy a PoopStool?

PoopStools are sold exclusively through all European Amazon marketplaces.

Which forms of payment does PoopStool accept?

PoopStool accepts all payment methods accepted by Amazon.

How do I place a large order?

We’d be happy to arrange. Please contact us here.

Can i return my Poopstool?

If you are not satisfied with your Poopstool, which we sincerely doubt… 🙂  You can take advantage of Amazon’s customer service and they will handle your return/refund etc. That’s another reason why we chose to sell our product through Amazon so that you get the best customer service available out there!!