The original

79 €

Handmade wooden poopstool. Made out of beech wood, treated with eco-friendly mineral oils, delivering a pleasing touch to your “paws”. Tucks neatly under your toilet . Slides in an and out effortlessly.

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  • Environmentally friendly stain and finish
  • Ethically harvested beech wood
  • Non slip rubber foot tacks
  • One size fits all
  • Ergonomic design
The original


WE CARE ABOUT THE EARTH! Our selection of ethically harvested Balkan beech is our weapon of choice. This replaceable fast growing species, makes it one of the most sustainable & renewable sources of wood out there. We also love its durability, light weight and beautiful grain formations.


  • Width - 41cm
  • Height - 22cm
  • Depth - 30cm
  • Weight - 1.4kg

Best suited

Adults with height between 1.50m - 1.90m

Everyone can and really should use the Poopstool

The original